Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

Monday, October 20, 2008

Play Date

Jonah came over on Friday to play with William while his parents went to the temple. They had a lot of fun interacting with each other, and I had fun watching them. Jonah is 2months younger than Will. They were both really good. I took these after their bath. Don't they look so cute in their jammies?Will wasn't up to cooperating...hamming it up I laid this blanket out and propped their heads up with pillows-they proceeded to feed themselves-and each other. So Sweet!

Earlier that day, Jonah showed us his skillz. He can really jump! I sat down on the bed with him and William, and Jonah went to town! William thought it was hilarious. I haven't heard him laugh that hard very much. Like always, we get the camera out and they stopped. But this is what we caught...

What a mess!

We have been doing some reorganizing around the house so we had tons of stuff laying around. Will got into some of the pictures I hadn't put into a photo album yet. I got those away from him and then became interested in looking through them. Will walked away, and a few minutes later I thought to myself he sure is being quite--never a good sign.
Vaseline. all over his hands and feet. He was just staring at it and squishing it over and over in his hands. Luckily it wasn't anywhere else. I know it was crazy and very dangerous but I had to run and get the camera. It did take awhile to finally degrease him.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday at Rocky River

After church last Sunday we went out to Mom and Joe's place on Rocky River for a picnic. It is so beautiful out there. We love it and are so glad we can enjoy all their hard work!

Will had fun hangin' out on Pa's tractor

Nonna and William
After lunch, we headed up the mountain to see Grandma. She gave William a bottle and I was able to get this picture of them. I love it! She is the oldest (91) with almost the youngest (Ceseley came along and beats Will by just a few months-but we're so glad she did!)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Funny Face

I love William's funny smile. It makes me sad that there are impending teeth breaking through his gums as I type. I know, I know...I would be sadder if all he ever had was the 4, but I'm just not ready for a mouth full. He is getting too big too fast. How can you resist this face?

Pumpkin Patch

Last Friday, on a whim, we took a family outing to the Pumpkin Patch. Patrick proposed the idea of getting out and enjoying the beautiful fall evening, and I jumped at the chance to go somewhere together that didn't involve church or Wal-Mart. It was such a beautiful evening, and we had a great time.

For some reason William was terrified of this wheel. Patrick finally convinced him to touch it, and he got over it.
Comin' out of the hay maze. Not really. More like I just sat him in there so I could snag a shot.

got your nose!

This was William's favorite spot. He was happiest sitting next to Patrick and watching all the children run past him. Very exciting.
"I don't know about this. Pa Pa says John Deeres are no good."
"There. This is better."

Maybe we should have bought that one?

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Trick

This is one of William's favorite things to do. He thinks it's quite the riot and it usually gets a few laughs from anybody watching too. It probably won't be too cute when he starts doing it in Church--well not the second or third time anyway.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Silence is a virtue

I am way behind.

There are several saved posts that I have started but not had time to finish yet. That's my same excuse with my journal too. I will begin writing and feel the need to write in every detail possible, because I'm always playing catch-up by at least a month. I have a hard time writing a complete entry at one time. I usually start by filling in the blanks since I last wrote, get distracted, and forget about it until....hmm...a month later. By that point I hardly can remember what happened and why I even felt the need to write it in the first place. It's frustrating, but it is the life I lead...

My posterity is gonna try to read through it and wonder if I was functioning at the normal level of normal human beings. That's if they even CARE to read it (if they are reading for the purpose of content). That's if I even leave it around for any of them to read! I'm not too keen on having them read over my poorly written entries and read through all my grammatical errors (notice all the errors in this sentence so far? not to mention the paragraph...) and try to even get a close idea of what I was I trying to convey. Plus I have a talent for embarrassing myself. No, I'm not sure I want those read.

I have a friend, who will remain nameless, (but her last name is a body part--kinda. Sorry, my love. [Ooh another hint!]) Any who. There was a time in her life that every time she made an entry in her journal it was usually concerning the love of her life at the time. Which I have never been guilty of. Anyway, it was quite an embarrassment to her. I think she did rip all those pages out or something. It's too bad. I would like to read over those and laugh. She is a pretty funny girl

Well it is obviously late, as I'm sure you can tell by the content of this post, so I need to head to bed. But I felt like I needed to write something. I'm not sure I will ever learn that "silence is a virtue" thing. But if you are still reading this you're obviously not interested much in content anyway.

So there you have it. You now more than likely know several new things about me.

1. I am horribly sleep deprived. 2. Grammar is not my forte -- I'm sure you are just now noticing. 3. My posterity is going to be embarrassed of me, and quite likely think I had some mental issues--I think I'm okay with that. 4. I do have 1 or 2 bad habits -- stay are likely to learn more. 5. I am horrible at writing in my journal. 6. And maybe even a couple more that I am not aware of--please. no need to bring them to my attention.

In a nutshell, I may post some of those uncompleted posts very soon. Probably right after I finish writing in my journal...

By the way, do you keep a journal, and how do you feel about having others read your journal? Now or when you're dead and gone?

Friday, October 10, 2008


Patrick is taking the GMAT on Monday. This test will determine where he goes to grad school/if he goes to grad school. Any prayers in his behalf would be greatly appreciated. Also if you are fasting this month and not sure what you are going to fast over, we would really appreciate that too--if it works for your family. Thanks ahead of time for your thoughts and prayers they really are appreciated!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Good Choice

Will has just started to really take an interest in books. I have tried to read to him since he was born. (I did a lot of reading aloud while nursing-I didn't want him to feel ignored!). So the first thing he was probably read was the Ensign edition of General Conference. And since all he did in the beginning was eat, he got up-to-date on the October session pretty fast!

Anyway, as I am prone to do, last night at Walmart I began "looking" at things that were not on my list. I somehow ended up in the very back of the store, where I never go, and found 2 books that I thought Will might like. Since he and Patrick were with me, I let William pick out which book he wanted. The choice: Goodnight Moon or I Love You Through and Through. I don't think he even noticed Goodnight Moon. He grabbed for the other and the choice was made. And let me tell you, this kid knows what he likes! We read and reread and read some more...and more. He loves it. It is so cute to see him engaged like that. He even turns the pages (sometimes a little faster than I'm able to read).

Will is a definite believer.