Sunday, September 27, 2015

Been having the weirdest cravings lately...

I put this photo on Facebook to announce the nearing arrival of a new little sweetheart due March 27th. I'm 14 weeks today.  I've been sick and moody, and sick and moody, and sick and moody. My poor family.  I have thrown up more with this baby than any of the others. My record for throwing up in one day is 6 times. Usually I just feel horrible all day. I was happy that at least with this baby I would have good days mixed in with the bad. That helped to make it no so miserable. Finally outta the first trimester for the last time. Feels GREAT!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Scavenger Hunt

The boys have been no so patient about this "secret" I have been keeping from them! They have begged and begged for me to "just tell us!" But I stayed strong even though it was super tempting. I made a little scavenger hunt and hid them around the house to see if they could guess what the surprise was. I had them run all over the house to different rooms and find clues.

I think they were a little less than thrilled, party poopers. I think they were thinking, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, sooo about that puppy??" ;) And so it goes living with hard to get a reaction or any excitement out of them with these kinds of things.