Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Snow Day

We were excited to get William out in the snow. But seeing as I didn't buy the children snow bibs that were one sale for less than $7 last fall, we had to improvise with lots and lots of layers and plastic Ziploc bags on his hands and feet. It isn't any wonder he hated it.

He sure looked cute despite the fact he couldn't walk but merely wobbled side to side. When he would fall down he couldn't seem to get back up, and he would just lie there looking pretty pitiful.

The anticipation stood to be too much for Will because when we finally got out, we lasted only about 10 minutes. The wind was bitter and there seemed to be a foul smell wafting up from William's clothes. We went back in to undress and take off all the layers only to find a clean diaper. I guess the fumes were just having a hard time escaping.