Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Men at work

We don't have much leaves to clear up in the fall, but we have enough. Our preferred method of getting rid of them? Mowing them. It chops them up in teeny tiny pieces that you can't even see. Some people think it's weird. We think its easy. Here are the men taking care of business...

Friday, November 21, 2008

A good friend of mine

sent me this in an email. She said it reminded her of Olivia. I would have to agree--wholeheartedly. Pretty funny...pretty cute

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My first giveaway!!!!!!

If you are trying to find that perfect gift for the person you love (or hate), I have the perfect solution. KITTENS! There are 2 adorable kittens at my house that need a home or barn. One is male and one is female. I'll try and post some pictures soon.

For some reason our house seems to be the perfect spot to drop off cats. The first drop off was about 3 mo ago. Momma cat gave birth under our deck to 2 kittens. My neighbor graciously took them in. Last drop-off was about a month ago. Started seeing a pretty cat hanging around driving our cat killing dogs mad. Not too long after that noticed 4 kittens with Momma cat hanging out in the warm sun on our deck. We have been able to get rid--I mean give the Momma and 2 of the kittens away but we still have 2. So it's your lucky day. Leave a comment if you are interested -- you know you are!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Will's 1st Birthday

We celebrated William's birthday on Saturday. We had a small little gathering of close family. We were excited to have Mandy and her girls tune in via web cam to sing to William and watch him open his gifts. The party started out kinda rough. Everyone got here and Will hadn't woken up from his afternoon nap. He was not happy! He did not like being the center of attention--but he got over it! He loved having a few of his cousins here to play with.
One of his favorite books is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. So that is what we kinda based the theme on. He loved being able to feed himself his very own "caterpillar" head.This was and is his most favorite thing he got. He carries it everywhere. I'm not a big toy person so it works out perfectly that this didn't cost us a dime. So thanks, Mandy, for insisting I take a few of the girls old toys. I still have a few things down in the basement that should work nicely for Christmas :)
Me and the cutest, most sweetest, birthday boy in the world!

To say the least it's been a very exciting year. Filled with some tears shed by both parties. I remember not long after we had William home, sitting in the rocking chair in his room trying to decipher what in the world could be wrong with him. sick? cold? hot? hungry? sleepy? HELP!

I would sit and cry and tell him I'm so sorry you had to come here!

But mainly for me it's been happy tears. I can't say the same for William. Poor trial and error baby.

I can't believe he is a year old. Time has flown by. But what I really can't believe is that we were actually able to keep him alive--
--I think we'll keep him.