Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Average, Ordinary Days...

Not too much out of the ordinary has been going on around here. But I wanted to post some pictures of this little guy. He is growing so fast and has completely stolen our hearts. And since I can't narrow them down anymore than this, here are a "few" snippets from our lives.
Will had a major blow-out! So he get sent straight to the tub - one of his favorite places. One of William's favorite toys -- power cords. I can't leave him alone for one second. He is getting faster and faster. I walk out of the room come back and he is usually doing something I know the pediatrician would get on to me for...sigh. Notice his red knees. I try to keep pants on him so he doesn't get carpet burn-but sometimes I forget, and sometimes I need to do laundry...Will and Patrick on Father's Day
Patrick says Will looks like a "Hitchcock" in this one -- whatever that means?I couldn't help myself on these next two pictures. William had just had his bedtime bath and was awaiting his lotion and clothing. The second we lay him down he is trying to get away from our grasp. It is becoming quite a challenge to dress and diaper him. I wanted to add these but thought I might should do a little editing so that if he ever finds out I showed them to the world he won't entirely want to kill me. Happy 4th of July! Will had not been feeling well. I left him in the living room and was in the kitchen fixing dinner. I went in to check on him and he had crawled over to the french doors and was staring outside- one of his favorite places to go. It was very sweet.
Will is getting stronger and braver. Here he has pulled himself up........and here is falling down
Yee haw!
Shootin' the breeze with Dad Will goes to bed pretty early. He usually plays in his crib for at least 20 minutes before he falls asleep. I go in after he has given up the fight to make sure he is covered up. A lot of the time he falls asleep on his blanket instead of under it. When I went in on this particular night he had fallen asleep on his bear blankie thing. It was so sweet.

Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm it

Sherry tagged me and I'm finally getting around to doing it.

I asked Patrick if there was anything interesting about me that y'all might like to know and he couldn't think of anything either. Truth be told, I'm a rather boring person. This is all I could come up with. Thank goodness it only has to be 7 things...

1. Food Network channel is my most favorite channel. I could watch for hours.

2. I could play Mario Kart Wii for hours and hours! Patrick convinced me that we should buy it with our tax stimulus check to be good Americans and help the economy. Apparently there really is no other way...I'm a sucker

3. My two most favorite things about summer time are tomatoes and homemade ice cream.

4. I hate being in debt. I (quite often) go over our finances and see how much more money we can pay towards our mortgage each month. It has become kind of a game for me. I get excited when I find a way to pay more towards the house (told you I was boring). We have a 30 yr mortgage but we have paid off more than half. Yea for us!

5. I can be long-winded -- have you noticed???

6. I'm cheap. I do, however, like to spend money on things to improve our home. Current projects we are looking into - redoing the bathroom and window replacement. The catch here is that we have to talk and discuss doing any kind of improvement for about 6 mo. That's just our style.

7. I really enjoy working in the yard/garden. *Note* I usually begin longing for October around the middle of July.

Since I don't know all the rules of this particular game I'll make up my own and just end the tagging with me

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Long Time Gone

And I ain't commin' back again - kidding...Time for a quick update.

Sunday, May 18th -Patrick was called to be Elders Quorum President. I felt a little bit like Sis. Hinckley when she found out Presdient Hinckley was called to be an Apostle - "You?" (Disclaimer - I have an amazing husband. It was just quite a shock).

I also got the news on said date that I would be released from my calling of 3 years (primary president). I was shocked by President Meredith's phone call and all that it entailed. So my obvious reaction? Tears - lots and lots of tears. Joy? Sadness? Horror? Could be any body's guess.

Wednesday, May 21st -Began implementing sign language with Will. First signs we are working on; "mommy," "daddy," "diaper," & "all done." We aren't too consistent as of yet. But we are trying to remember to use the signs when we speak to him. We are doing better.

Friday, May 23rd - Baby Food Day. I love making Will's baby food. It is quite possibly my favorite way to cook. So easy, and I'm pretty sure I can't screw it up too badly. Super cheap too!

Week of May 25th-30th - Spent preparing for my last primary activity - children's talent show. As always kids were adorable and fun to watch. We had quite the variety show - singing, dancing, magic tricks, poetry, swords, baton twirling, guitar pickin' cute kids! I'm gonna miss 'em.

Week of June 1st-7th - Teething, fussy, tired baby. Will now has 2 teeth that he so graciously reminds me of quite often. We are working on "It's not okay to bite, Mommy." I need a sign for that. Wonder if slapping counts? Kidding, KIDDING! seriously kidding.

Sunday, June 8th - Officially released from calling and it feels g-r-e-a-t! Miss the kiddos - most of them anyway- again, kidding -kind of :)

Well, I think those are pretty much the highlights...until next time....