Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Baby

After being in early labor for a week and a half I decided to be induced. Each night my contractions would be so intense for a few hours and then stop. I had had enough of that. I was scheduled to go in on Wednesday morning at 7. For one last rendezvous as a family of four, we took the boys to Cheddars for dinner. I tried my very best to savor the time with just the four of us, but about the time we got there I started having contractions that were pretty intense. They lasted through our meal and a little while after we got home. Mom came to spend the night. We finished up our last minute preparations and got to bed around midnight.

After taking a family photo and Jack not liking it one bit, Patrick and I headed to the hospital. Around 8:30 the doctor came in and broke my water and around 9:30 I got the epidural and by 12:30 our sweet baby was here. I noticed right away that he was much bigger than Will or Jack were. He had very big hands and he reminded me of William. They let me hold him and nurse him and just breathe him in for about an hour, and then took him to the nursery for a couple hours. We got settled into our new room and I was able to hold him again. He weighed 8lbs and I was very thankful that I had an epidural this time. He was just so so cute! When I saw him this time though he reminded me of Jack.

I was a little, okay a lot, selfish and held him most of the rest of the day. Kay came to the hospital right after he was born but since he was going to be kept in the nursery for so long she left. Mom brought Will and Jack to meet him and that was lots of fun. They loved him right off the bat and really liked looking out of my hospital room window. I was on the top floor and they thought it was really neat to see the cars and trucks below.

We of course couldn't decide on a name the whole time at the hospital so we left without naming our baby.

I am so in LOVE with this sweet little thing! I heard new moms can actually be "addicted" to newborns. There is a chemical that the brain releases similar to what drug addicts have when a mother smells a newborn. I'm a believer. It was hard for me to be away from him for any time at all. Even when we were in the same room, I wanted him next to my skin, his head close to my lips so it would be easy to give him all the kisses I couldn't resist giving him. Love. Love. Love him!!

Family of Four

We wanted to take one last picture of our little family of four before we left for the hospital. Jack was not too happy about the status quo changing.