Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sam's 1!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest, cutest, cuddliest, most lovable baby I know. I made Samuel a lemon supreme cake with lemon frosting. He brings lots of sunshine in my life and I thought the lemon sounded sunshine-y and happy. He however was not so sunshine-y and happy on his birthday. He was pretty fussy, and once the frosting was more mixed into the cake, angry. It's hard being 1! Love you will all my heart Samuel Owen. Can't wait to watch you grow!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Off to {Pre}school

I had tried to get Jack into a preschool close to home earlier in the summer, but they were full.  I put his name on a waiting list and he was #7! I figured it was pretty hopeless. A little before Thanksgiving, Little Lambs called and said they had an opening. Life was a little busy at that time, and I thought I would take my chances and wait till after Christmas. Thankfully, when I called back they still had the opening.

Jack was very excited! He kept saying, " Mom, I might be a little newvous..." It was pretty endearing. He woke up about 7, and asked up until we left at 8:45 if it was time to go yet. He accused me a few times this morning of "not cooperating," and that I was "going to make [him] late." When we got to the school, we found his basket, and he started to put his lunchbox in. He slowly dropped in his nap mat, hesitated and then pulled on my leg and started heading for the door when it was time to take off his backpack and coat. I helped him get those off, and dragged him into the classroom. The teacher helped us find his seat, and I convinced him I wasn't leaving yet and he reluctantly sat down. I asked him if Mommy always picked up Will after I dropped him off at school, he said yes. I asked him if Mommy would come get him in a few hours, he said yes. Then I asked, are you ready for me to go, he said yes. I gave him a big hug and kiss, Samuel gave him a big slobbery open mouth kiss, and we left.

The house is very quiet with only a baby. I know I will really miss lunchtime with my little buddy today. He really says the cutest things. So very thankful he is healthy, well, and excited for this new adventure.

I know there are a ton of pictures of relatively the same thing, but I just can't help it! I love this kid, love his character, and all the many faces of Jack.