Thursday, August 13, 2015

Meanwhile At Home

And the older two think they're the ones having all the fun.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kindergarten Isn't Gonna Know What Hit 'Em

Jack was sooo excited to start Kindergarten. He asked everyday if it was his turn to go yet. He was really hoping he would get Mrs. Ledwell, but was placed in Mrs. Jill's class. I met her at Parent Night and knew Jack was going to love her! When I broke the news he was less than thrilled! I tried to convince him otherwise, but if you know Jack, you know that's basically pointless. He comes around when he comes around. Thankfully by the next morning, (his first day of school) he had came around.

Jack insisted they have their picture made together. Will sweetly complied. 

We loaded in the van and headed to school. Jack wanted me to walk him to his room. So with 3 boys in tow, off we went. All with good attitudes...Hallelujah!!!

Samuel wanted to be just like his big brothers and wore his backpack to school, too.

Jack and Mrs. Jill

I love milestones. I'm not usually too sentimental about things, but my heart does shed a few tears that they are growing and this time is passing quicker than I realize, but mostly I'm just so thankful that they are able to have these opportunities to learn and grow and become who they become. The experience of watching Will struggle to learn and just be a little boy gave me a new perspective. I'm so so thankful Jack gets to go and meet his sweet teacher, make new friends, and learn new things! It does help that I still have a little one to keep my attention on.

Some of us were a lot sadder about leaving Jack than others: 

So So SAD!

But he cheered up when he got to walk up the "secret passage way" to the cafeteria. 

 It won't be long!! That thought does kinda make me teary!

I was so excited to pick up the boys! Jack had a wonderful first day. He decided he loved Mrs. Jill very much and that she was "the best!" She was doing the car rider pick-up line and came over to talk to me while the boys hoped in the car. She said he had a great first day and that she was in love with him already! Well, I wasn't surprised a bit. Love that kiddo!

Monday, August 10, 2015

1st Day of 2nd Grade

I have a big 2nd grader, and I can't even believe it! So proud of this kid and he has accomplished and overcame.

 Can you tell his favorite color is blue??

I was tucking Will into bed and asking him about his day and his new teacher. He said, "Mom, she said we were going to have fun, but then she just forgot." I got a little chuckle out of that.

I really felt like his first grade teacher, Mrs. Staley, was exactly who he needed. He learned and loved school so much! And I was so grateful she provided that for him. All Summer I prayed Will would have the best teacher for him. After meeting Ms. Hill, I feel confident that that prayer has been answered. She has been teaching elementary school for a long 20+ years and knows children are different and thrive in different ways. Very grateful for good teachers who are passionate and kind, but expect a lot from their students. So far at Eagleville, we have been blessed with the very best of teachers!