Saturday, August 25, 2012


Will had showed an interest in playing soccer and loved to play at home with us, so we signed him up to play. The league he plays in doesn't have any practices during the week which is a big bonus for me. They practice for 30 minutes on Saturday and then right after that they play three 10 minute games. And it is at the same time every Saturday which helps in making plans. Love when people are so smart and make things easier on parents and kids. He had fun his first day but it was just SO hot that by the end he was more than ready to go. He loved the practice and drill part of it. He just wasn't crazy about the game part of it. Hopefully the weather will cool down soon and that will make a difference.


Friday, August 17, 2012


We enrolled Will for preschool in July at St. Mark's Preschool. I met his teacher, Mrs. Janet, a few times and think he is really gonna love her. He was so excited for his first day. He walked right in and pretty much told me bye at the door. I was pretty sure he'd be fine, but a little stunned at how easy and non eventful it was for him, but happy it was that way though. Jack did not handle it so well. He was not happy about leaving his brother. He shed a few tears and was pretty pouty about not being able to stay with Will. I was a little lost without him that first day; I wasn't quite sure what I should be doing. When I picked him up from school he told me all about his day and seems to really love it so far. He goes on Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30-12:30. So relieved he is loving it! Such a big milestone.